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About the NSBE organization
Since 1975, the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) has become one of the largest student-run organizations in the world. The formation of the National Society of Black Engineers Alumni Extension (NSBE AE) dates back to 1980, when NSBE national officers presented a proposal to the organization to include an alumni sector in the organization. Although the Alumni Extension (AE) was not accepted at that time, the effort initiated a multi-year process to create NSBE AE.
A revised proposal reflecting the origins of the current alumni infrastructure was developed in 1984, and formalized in 1985. At the 1985 NSBE national conference, the NSBE membership approved the formation of an Alumni Task Force. They were assembled to design NSBE AE by the 1988 NSBE national conference. During this three-year period, the views of NSBE students and alumni from across the nation were articulated, leading to the derivation of the NSBE AE Operating Guidelines. In March 1988, at the 14th Annual National NSBE Convention, the NSBE membership approved the proposal to include the Alumni Extension as an operating entity of the National Society of Black Engineers.
During the 1988-89 year, the AE focused on redefining their Operating Guidelines and developing regional infrastructures in accordance with these guidelines. This effort marked the final steps in the formation of the Alumni Extension. The addition of the Alumni Extension to the overall NSBE structure not only promotes participation and input from the professional engineering community, but also provides a mechanism for NSBE graduating seniors to continue their involvement with the organization.
in April 2013 the NSBE Alumni Extension name was changed to NSBE Professionals. NSBE Professionals has grown to over 5,500 national and international members with over 50 local chapters across the world.
The purpose of the NSBE Professionals is to support NSBE in a way that:
– Develops and enhances NSBE Programs
– Increases technical awareness
– Encourages scholastic achievement
– Stimulates enthusiasm in the Black engineering community in order to promote technical expertise, professionalism, and fellowship among Black engineers