Mentors for the Future Cities Program

Three Detroit Future City school teams + their teacher-champions need Engineer Mentors. How great would it be if we could have a few NSBE volunteers be those mentors? These kids are already working so hard on their cities under the national theme of “Feeding Future Cities: Urban Agriculture.”
You can mentor individually, or tag-team. Future City is a middle school STEM outreach program where students design their city of the future. This city is complete with infrastructure: including transportation, communication systems, power plants, safety systems, water systems, and green spaces. Students utilize SimCity™ software to build their virtual city. They create a scale model, write an essay, and finally, make a presentation to a panel of judges.
As these students address important issues such as accessibility, sustainability, pollution, population density, water resources, traffic flow, and budgets, they develop important competencies. They receive input from both their teacher and mentors while going through the program management process, and benchmarking. They work as a team, develop their problem-solving abilities, learn how to conduct research, and perfect their presentation skills… all tools they need in the real world.
The competition is scheduled for Monday, January 26, at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi. These kids deserve to attend the final competition. They need to “complete” before they “compete.” There are a multitude of awards that they have the opportunity to win, aside from 1st-5th place.
Please help them get there. Contact Allison Marrs at 248-353-0735 x121 or , if you wish to register yourself or a team as mentors! See flyer for more details.
Thank you!