NSBE 40th Annual Convention

NSBE-DAE Members,

The NSBE 40th Annual Convention will take place March 26-30, 2014 in Nashville, TN.  The registration fee for Professional/Alumni Members is $200 and $180 for Professional/Alumni Chapter Officers through January 5, 2014.  The registration fees increase after January5th.  Registration can be done at www.nsbe.org.   
If you have not yet registered and made travel/lodging arrangements for the NSBE 40th Annual Convention, please see the information below.  Please visit http://www.nsbe.org/Convention/2014/Housing-and-Nashville.aspx to receive up to date information on hotel availability though March, 30, 2014.

From the NSBE40 CPC, November 02, 2013:

Housing Update:
As of last week, all rooms for Saturday, March 29, 2014 are fully booked. We’re working with NSBE40 Housing to see if we can free up more rooms for Saturday of Annual Convention.

However, If you would like to book rooms now for
Wednesday, March 26, 2014-Friday, March 29, 2014
you may do so, and then please contact Wyndham Jade to be placed on the waiting list for Saturday.
Thanks in advance for your patience!!!

Contact NSBE Housing
Monday – Friday 8am – 6:30pm CT
Individual Group
888-241-8407 – Domestic (U.S. & Canada) 877-212-6908 – Domestic (U.S. & Canada)
972-349-7486 – International 972-349-5843 – International

Michelle Larsosa
NSBE-DAE Secretary